Westford Museum
Westford, MA

The Westford Museum began life as the Westford Academy in 1794. After the Academy built a new building it was moved across Boston Road in 1916, put on a new foundation and converted to a fire station. In the 1970ís it was converted to its present use as a town museum. Finch&Rose performed a Conservation Assessment Program Survey in 2012 to identify the key preservation issues in the building and set priorities.

This project, partially funded by a Preservation Projects Fund grant from the Massachusetts Historical Commission, restored the exterior woodwork on the roof and cupola, replaced the wood shingle roof, and reinforced failing structural trusses that support the cupola and roof. Extensive field work and review of historic photography was done to identify missing elements and develop details for the restoration, and the roof framing system was given a three dimensional computer analysis to identify overstressed members and develop minimally invasive strategies to reinforce the structure without unnecessarily replacing elements. The roof was designed with a wood batten system under the shingles for drainage and vapor control to enhance the longevity of the installation.

The project was completed in June 2015

(In association with Finch&Rose and Structures North)

Cost: $283,000

Historic Preservation