Mixed Use Development
Swampscott, MA

This small mixed use project redevelops a narrow site adjacent to the commuter rail line in Swampscott. The existing one story office building is no longer viable, and the site is on a bus line and within walking distance of commuter rail station, so a mixed use development provides the highest and best use for the site. This also meets town planning objectives for expanding housing options in a predominately single family suburban town.

The design proposes 4 condominium units, with the center two raised above a common garage. The end units are flats and the middle units are duplexes. The ground floor has a central garage flanked by retail spaces on the street that preserve the commercial character of this section of Essex Street. The exterior takes its cue from traditional comercial architecture, with clapboard siding and cornices at the parapet, but the detailing and the casement and awning windows give it a contemporary vibe.

Cost: $1,750,000
Area: 10,136 Sq Ft

Current Work