Temple Emeth
Brookline, MA

Temple Emeth occupies a facility designed by Richmond and Goldberg in 1948, with later additions by the same firm. Frank Adams, then at Stahl Associates, developed a master plan for renovations to the complex in 1993, and a window replacement project was completed as a first phase.

The current project addressed a failing curtain wall system in a 1961 addition known as the bridge, which spans the entrance to the internal courtyard of the complex. An initial study was done to evaluate replacement with a modern curtain wall versus another system and aesthetic. It was decided to maintain the original design intent, with a modern curtain wall system contrasting with the more massive masonry buildings to either side. The finish color is white, with white spandrel glass transforming the white painted brick to either side into a visually lighter material. New finishes, air conditioning and direct/indirect lighting were also provided in the adjacent classrooms and offices. The curtainwall installation was done on an institutional summer schedule between school terms and completed for the start of the term in September 2005.

Category: Institutional