Paul Pratt Memorial Library
Cohasset, MA

The new Paul Pratt Memorial Library is housed in the renovated Osgood School of 1926, a local landmark. An initial feasibility phase was undertaken to assess the suitability of the school for library use and to evaluate two other sites with new construction for comparison. The preferred option of the school reuse was endorsed by the Town.

The design creates a new library of 16,000 square feet on the main level of the old school. Floors were reinforced as required, and partitions removed to create an open, efficient library plan. A central reading room with an arched ceiling was created in the former gymnasium space, surrounded by stack areas, Young Adults and the Children’s Room. Administrative and support spaces are located in a zone along the street façade.

The exterior was preserved and enhanced by the reconstruction of the long-missing cupola. The removal of the 1954 wing created a parking area and the opportunity for a new entry façade from the parking.

The synergy resulting from this project led to the development of a children’s discovery center in the 1929 wing with direct access from the Children’s Room, and the reuse of the old library building by the local historical society.

Area: 16,000 Sq Ft

Historic Preservation