Harbor Islands Pavilion
Boston, MA

This project was an entry in a competition for a Pavilion on the Rose Kennedy Greenway for visitors to the Harbor Islands National Park. The program included ticketing and information facilities, a bookstore and a cafe.

Guiding Images

Water- flowing through and around
Boats cutting through water
Hulls and fish/ rhyming forms
Granite piers and breakwaters- protecting, encasing
Wooden boats/ plank and curving frames

Major materials

Structure- laminated wood beam and plank
Street walls- Rock faced Quincy granite finish
Roof- standing seam copper
Sails- Insulating glass with structural silicone glazing
Ceilings- curved wood slats
Mechanical system- geothermal heat pumps
Harbor map- Polished Quincy granite (water) and flamed Dakota Mahogany granite (land)

Category: Institutional