New England Conservatory of Music
Boston, MA

This study began with an examination of the options for renovation and expansion of the NEC library facility. The initial conclusion that the existing facility could not be economically expanded led to an analysis of a NEC owned parcel adjacent.

As developed in the study proposal, a 173,000 sf mixed use facility on this site would house student services at street level, two floors of classrooms, two floors of library, and additional floors above for dormitory space and an administrative suite. Parking is provided below grade, and the building links to the existing dormitory adjacent to provide a comprehensive multiuse facility for the school.

The exterior treats the academic levels as a traditional street building with contemporary detailing. An arcade at street level provides a covered link between other campus buildings, and the upper floors are recessed to maintain the street scale.

(Richard Smith was Project Architect for Stahl Associates)

Area: 173,000 Sq Ft

Category: Institutional