Levi Heywood Public Library
Gardner, MA

Children's Room

The public library system of Gardner, Massachusetts was established in 1841 and continues a rich and proud tradition of service to its community. The new library was built on a vacant site in a historic industrial area as a key element in the revitalization of downtown Gardner.

The new building is a major civic landmark in Gardner, with a gently curving two story façade enclosing a new park and centered on the axis of one of the principal streets. To the west, the main elevation creates a strong civic presence. To the east, a lower scaled façade along Pine Street faces the neighborhood, which is in transition from an industrial to a residential district. The entrance at this level addresses after school traffic from nearby elementary schools.

On the interior, Adult Services occupies both levels on the north side, with browsing and popular collections on the lower levels and Reference on the upper level linked by a atrium and open stair. The Children’s Room is on the upper level off the Pine Street entrance, and the meeting room is off the main entrance on the lower level. The tower element highlights the main entrance and the Historic Room on the upper level.

(Frank Adams was Project Architect for Burt Hill with Richard Smith as project designer)

Cost: $5,851,000
Area: 32,160 Sq Ft

Category: Libraries